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The ultimate car driver has RETURNED from the big city to a delightful land where she can tool around in Flanders, the 2004 Civic. That's right, I'm on Long Island.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So It's Obviously Been Awhile Since I've Blogged

since i posted the Sarah Palin video twice
but let's be honest
she's so shockingly inept
that it's sorta fun to watch two times!!

i am sick
that sorta sick that when i go up a flight of stairs
i need to get a short nap in afterwards

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Can't Believe People Are Drinking the Palin Kool Aid

how can people watch clips like this
and think that she's qualified to be vice president
christ, she can't even name a magazine!

can't wait for the debate!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pizza? Now That's What I Call a Taco!!!

yep, still a bad blogger
but i will do as my sister
and embed a funny video
this is an SNL clip that always gets me

Monday, March 03, 2008

Yeah, So Much for the Regular Blogging

i think the subject line says it all
but i think i have a good excuse
i'm still sucked into the west wing
i'm halfway through season 4
which is sort of fitting considering that's an election year season

and speaking of elections
tomorrow is ohio, texas, rhode island, and vermont
good luck mr. obama

i'm ashamed to admit that i didn't vote in the NY primary
i am still registered to vote in WA
why? you may ask
well, i don't want to get an NY driver's license
and it's not because my WA license has an amazing picture
in fact, the picture is god awful hideous
but does make people laugh when i share it
nope, i don't have a NY license because i really don't want to be in NY
so i'm thinking that by not getting a license, i won't be here forever
how's that for silly?

last week i got to see some great rider people
and play bar trivia in delaware
turns out i'm pretty darn smart
after the big win
the team (the nicely named "dirty jersey") chanted
good times

and i leave you with this
you must check out
Mike Doughty's new album Golden Delicious
it was well worth the wait!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Potomac Sweep

i am officially a proud barack obama supporter
yes, i started off as a john edwards fan
but part of me knew that he wasn't going to be the next president
so when he dropped out
it was time to decide, hillary or barack
and it was an easy decision

and while i do have serious doubts about america's ability
to elect a non-white president
but these past few weeks have given me hope
and those doubts have dwindled (but not yet completely subsided)
and honestly, isn't that what barack obama is about?

i am excited about the future with obama
bring on texas and ohio, the must-wins for hillary
(and boy, it is damn tacky of her to try to get the florida and michigan delegates seated)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm a Little Late to "The West Wing" Game

i have Ellen Andrews to thank for this
she has done what others have valiantly tried
i actually watched some episodes of "The West Wing" last week
and darn if i didn't love it!
i know have the first season DVDs thanks to the emma clark public library
i attribute a bit of my interest in this show to the presidential election
i'm hungry for politics
(despite the fact i'm not registered to vote in NY)
[(i am ashamed to admit--so much for my super tuesday vote]]

anyway, i like this show
and considering the writers are still on strike
it's nice to watch something that isn't a rerun

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Twice in (About) One Week--A New Blogging Record

first off
when i logged on today and saw 7 comments
i was shocked
i'd like to share one little thought
"be more like prude"
she's anonymous according to blogger, but signs her missive
so if you wander over here, sign your name!
(perhaps my demanding nature will scare off my many readers!)

so here's a health update
no news yet except that johns hopkins charges 69 cents a page for your medical records
i have so many records that i have to tell them to send me an estimate before they make the copies
sorry trees!
this is a task that won't be accomplished until once the tax refund comes in
come on new school, where's my w-2???

how shocked was everyone to hear about heath ledger?
it's so sad when someone that young and talented dies
but it's even sadder when he leaves behind a little daughter

i had my two new RAs move in today
and darn if they aren't adorable!
this semester just has to be better than fall
i have a good feeling about the spring

and finally, i saw "cloverfield" this weekend
a great roller coaster ride of a movie
can't wait to see it again!